Pool Fencing

There can be few fences more potentially important than a secure pool fencing system, and KC Fence Systems are proud installers of Hurricane Pool Safety Fences and Pool Safety Gates. Long, strong, vertical uprights mean no footholds for little feet to clamber up on, while the open styling of the fence design mean you can see through to the pool at all times.

Our pool safety gates are complete with the lockable Magna Gate Latch and hinges, and  the entire system comfortably meets the requirements of the Pool Fencing Act. These excellent Hurricane products are already widely used at kindergartens, preschools and primary schools, with the Magna Gate Latch particularly sought after for the job of keeping little ones safe. 

Fence Them In Or Keep Them Out!

  • Children can be seen at all times with the open styling of the Hurricane Pool Fence and Pool Gate.
  • The fence system is compatible with post materials, or an attractive result can be achieved with Hurricane square tube posts.
  • Posts can be bolted onto existing deck or paving.
  • The Pool Gate comes complete with Hurricane square tube posts, hinges and lockable latch.

Coated Finishes

For aesthetic reasons, a galvanised or powder-coated finish can be selected to blend in naturally with the surroundings of your pool.  If you are anxious about how your fence may look, don't worry - fencing doesn't have to be intrusive or an eyseore.

A number of our customers have declared that their property has actually been enhanced by the addition of one of our fences. At one of our job sites, workmen kept literally walking into a fence because it was so hard to see! 

Tennis Court Fencing

K C Fence Systems completes tennis court fencing to the highest standard available. We generally construct tennis court fence systems with a top rail and either a galvanised or powder-coated finish. Together with the quality fittings used, this increases the strength and longevity of your new fence.


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